Chiropractic and Baby’s.

Chiropractic care is for everyone. The principles of chiropractic suggests that when the nervous system is free of interference the body functions better. Learn everything about Chiropractic and baby's on this page.

The birth process is a remarkable happening, but is often not the most smoothest entry into the world for the baby. We recommend that children be checked for vertebral subluxations from birth. All births whether long or short, natural, assisted or cesarean can put a lot of pressure on your baby’s spinal cord and nervous system. 

When these tiny infants begin to grow, learn to crawl, and eventually walk, freshly developed motor patterns are created. Numerous slips/falls, bumps, and bruises will happen before your child can effectively move around. All of these new forces can have an early effect on nervous system development and spinal alignment. Chiropractic adjustments are crucial to helping keep babies in alignment through these fast changing years.

Why does your baby feel bad?

Like adults, babies can suffer from inconvenience in their prying lives. Because your baby can not indicate the inconvenience, this is expressed in other ways. This causes a lot of unrest in family life, parents are often at end. Chiropractic care can help!

Problems with babies are often related to childbirth. During childbirth, the head achieves a strong 90 degree rotation and added pressure on the head during the passage through the birth canal. Especially with births where external intervention took place, such as a delivery with forceps, suction or a caesarean section, may contribute to early physical stress the likes of which can lead to damage to the babies fragile neck and spine. 

Here are a few classical signs and symptoms that your infant might need a Chiropractor:
  • Holds the head tilted to one side to reduce tension
  • Head position favours one side
  • Cries and screams mimic that of colic
  • The head is not held in position easily and the neck appears weak
  • Arm and leg movement may be asymmetrical
  • Asymmetrical development
  • Sleeps poorly, cries a lot during sleep and is restless during the day
  • Sensitive to touching of the neck
  • Breast feeds and swallows with difficulty
  • Sputtering / reflux
  • Asymmetrical skull shape
  • Grab the ears or the head and or strong clenched fists
Examination &
Treatment for Babies

Chiropractic care for babies and children is not the same as for adults. At the examination we will start with a specific intake form. The focus is on the health of the mother, how the pregnancy developed through the trimesters, the birth itself, and medical and health concerns since birth. Various tests help to determine if subluxations are the main cause of the problem at hand. The Chiropractic adjustment is performed mostly with soft finger pressure and mild joint movement. Some of the methods look much like a form of massage. The adjustment itself is not painful, however they may find the unfamiliar hands discomforting for the duration of the visit.